Linksys RV082 and a T-1 Connection

By Mickster269 ·
This isn't a "Fix Me" question. This is more a "What's your opinion" question.

We are currently using a Linksys RV082 router and a T-1 connection.

Is this the best router under $500 for this type of connection? Is there a better router for a T-1 connection? Does it even matter?

What would you suggest for a small business (20 workstations, 2 servers) to use for a Router?

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The SMB Nation community

by CG IT In reply to Linksys RV082 and a T-1 ...

Need some more info.

Are their remote users? how many? is the internet connection for surfing or passing large datafiles?

Many SMB consultants tout the SonicWall TZ series. It's a pretty good router but many of the extras cost extra. The Global VPN service is extra, the updates are extra, there is licensing per user like Microsoft's CALs.

The SonicWall TZ series can utilize a WAN pool from your ISP over the T1 and map it to a host.

Not a lot of other under $500.00 routers can do this [except the Cisco 800 series with a WIC -1T]

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More info

by Mickster269 In reply to The SMB Nation community

There are no remote users.

The router is basically for internal use, and outside access to the internet. Not a lot of large datafiles being transfered.

We do host some websites, but they ae static (info pages, examples of our products, contact info), but no interactivity, flash, or bells and whistles.


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by CG IT In reply to More info

SonicWall TZ 170 can handle a pool of global addresses. Symantec 360, Cisco 1841 with a WIC-1T,

How is the T1 installed? e.g. the demarcation point?

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T1 Installed

by Mickster269 In reply to SonicWall

The T-1 connection comes in through a Cisco 1760 Router.

(That is managed by our T-1 provider)

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get the Sonicwall

by CG IT In reply to T1 Installed

my suggestion, get the SonicWall TZ 170 if you have multiple global addresses. All things considered, it's got the most flexibility for the $$.

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T-1 Connecton

by bwhalon In reply to Linksys RV082 and a T-1 ...

Do you have a full T-1 for Internet or is it a shared with Voice? If you have a full T-1 for Internet test the speed. You probably are getting the full T-1. Linksys told me that the RV082 is not for a full T-1.

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T-1 Connection

by laguilar In reply to Linksys RV082 and a T-1 ...

If you are still waiting for an answer; Here is how I am using this VPN RV082, I have an AT&T provided T1 interface which they have their DEMAR termination. They provide me an RJ45 connection for an AT&T Cisco 1800 router which they monitor and manage ordered as part of the T1 package. The RV082 is interfaced between the AT&T ROUTER and MY RV082 at which point I have configured my local LAN and REMOTE WAN, and using the LINKSYS RV082 I have created serveral VPN's links to serveral SOHO and Remote office connections. This VPN router has been in operation 5 years without any problems. As for a direct connect to A T1, I believe the CISCO 1800 OR equvilant would be the interface you need between your T1 and RV082 to allow the full T1 to work properly. Hook your RJ45 T1 cable comming from you CARRIER ROUTER the INTERNET PORT on you RV082. You can also use the DMZ to allow for other DEVICES DSL MODEM, ROUTER, CABLE MODEM, and share your FULL T1 SPEED.

I am using the DMZ port for a small 4 port linksys swith with a remote security external I/P for remote viewing using the internet to monitor our office and provide my LAN internet access.

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