Linux Mint: my Windows replacement has arrived :)

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Linux Mint: my Windows replacement has arrived :)

I am lazy.

Over time I have (literally) thrown the wrench at Windows, reformatted and installed some Linux distro.

Each time there is a honeymoon period with my new Linux, but then there is something that just does not work....being lazy, I try to troubleshoot and finally just give up and put Windows back on.

So when my mobo blew up recently on my Dell I had to fire up an ancient 3GHZ HP small form factor PC that was laying in the corner of the basement.

I first tried to load Windows, but the PC was crashing during setup then BSOD after install......a sign that the Linux gods were angry and wanted me to try their OS once again.

First tried Ubuntu 12 with the Unity interface. (fail).

Unity makes Windows 2.0 seem user friendly and advanced.....ugh. Took ten minutes just to add an icon to the desktop, and it's just plain ugly.

Reformatted and loaded Linux Mint with Mate interface......wow.

Linux Mint is a flavor of Ubuntu with a very Windows-like interface (in a good way).

With Mint the two main choices for interface are Mate or Cinnamon. Cinnamon has more visual effects (and bugs) and requires more resources. Mate is less flashy, better for the old PC I've got.

It just works.

All hardware detected: check (even sound)
HP Printer setup and printed with two clicks: check
HP Scanner detected and works: check (even the fax part)
Installed Google Chrome: check

It even had the PLUGINS for Firefox, so Flash worked out of the box and had CODECS so videos play....small details, but big time savers....amazing.

It dicovered and connected to my Windows workgroup and can read-write from my NAS and other servers with NO configuration at all.

The only minor gripe is the built-in remote desktop (Vino) did notr seem to work, so I dumped that and installed TightVNC server. I am working on tweaking the LAN throughput, as it seems a bit pokey, but other than that, I am sold.