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My mouse sporadically double clicks when I press it only once

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godmensoftware is right - partially. The problem is caused by the microswitch going noisy. It seems to be more of a problem with Microsoft mice, but none are immune. Sometimes you can generate a rapid train of clicks just by clicking-and-holding, and then moving the button up and down just fractionally (not enough to make an actual click sound).

The problem is due to inadequate "debounce". Bounce and noise is completely normal in microswitches, but for some reason some mice don't handle it well enough. It could be fixed either in the mouse itself, or in the mouse driver. I just don't understand why Microsoft/whomever don't sort it out in the driver.

Forget about altering the double-click speed in Control Panel. It adjusts the MAXIMUM allowable pause between clicks, whereas to reduce sensitivity to bounce you want to adjust the MINIMUM allowable pause).

That MouseFix utility looks good - presumably it deletes subsequent mouse clicks if they occur too close together.

As others have said, you can also dismantle the mouse and replace the microswitches - IF you can get the right size/shape. I've done this a few times now.