Need career advice

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Need career advice

I am at a crossroads. I have been laid off for 11 months now. During the first five I lived on severance pay and unemployment and did nothing to find a job. (time off and then my wife had a medical problem.)

After spending about 5 months looking for a (junior) (windows) system administrator position, for which I am qualified in my opinion, I have changed my focus towards a Desktop Support Position. Why? Certifications. I do not have one to my name. Four and a half years combined between sysadmin and desktop support experience. Experienced with Windows 9x/NT4/2k/XP workstations and NT4 and 2000 servers.

0 active directory and 0 MCP tests. At this point in discussions with recruiters or HR people, the discussion goes something like this. "Well, you don't have the kind of (experience)(certifications) we are looking for. We'll keep your resume and contact you if we find a position for you."

As I see it, I can:
1. Give up on IT and go work in a non-technical job. (Frustration talking but it is a remote possibility. Gotta eat after all.)
2. Grind away at finding desktop support position although it is a huge step back in pay. This is where I am now, needing to find a position, even if it is a bridge position, to get out of temporary living situation.
3. Take a loan and go to bootcamp, then grind at finding sysadmin position. I want to do this but I am hesitant. The ones that offer financial aid typically offer MCSE in bundle with MCSA and Security+. Also, I have not been able to find a 3rd party site which reviews certification programs.

I need some serious advice here.