New pop-up ads

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New pop-up ads

Only in the recent past i'm getting many pop-ads very often,making me hate net surfing.I'm a bit confused cos my Internet explorer had blocked most of the pop-up windows before and now, i think just the reverse happens.

I received pop-up windows from:

axillsearch.com and many not to mention.....

I've put these sites into restricted zones at once with the highest seurity level my browser offers .But everything in vain.I still receive them.e.g. when i logged in here I received one from axillsearch.com

I don't know whether my security are reset to lowest level,but i'm quite sure that my pop-up blocker is On with the fullest control.

I'm terribly confused with the aforesaid situation.I don't know whether any spyware has entered into my computer that displays those annoying ads.

I'll be very much beholden to those who help and suggest me something in controlloing these pop-up windows.