Odd WINS behavior after reinstalling NT

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Odd WINS behavior after reinstalling NT

Many things going on here, so I'll try to be concise and supply more info as needed. This is all on three domains with NT 4.0/SP4, mainly Win98 clients except for my machine, an NT WKST.

Basically, it seems that my server is not registering itself, or the domain, with WINS. (I've uninstalled WINS, reapplied the SP, reinstalled WINS, and reapplied the SP AGAIN.) When I reboot my NT Workstation (4.0/SP4), it tells me there's no logon server available. When I try to map drives on another server by name, it tells me the path can't be found. I can map the drives (and ping, etc.) by IP address, however. If I try to look at this domain in Network Neighborhood from the other machine, I can see it, but I get a "no logon server available" errorwhen I try to map a drive by name.

Oddly, in the WINS database, it doesn't show the domain mapping under the WINS server, but under my machine, the NT workstation, instead. And here's a funny message that I got after (re)installing NT and recreating the account for