OK who broke TR today?

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OK who broke TR today?

HAL 9000 Moderator
The 404 seem to be accepted as normal these days they just happen so often but this is something new for me at least.

Open a discussion from one of the Blogs and then click on the link to the Blog to get your Browser to restart. I first ran across this while doing some testing on the 64 Bit version of 7 and thought hello another glitch so I switched to the 32 Bit version found the same thing happened and then I moved to a XP workstation had had the same thing occur so it's not a 7 Problem it has to be a TR Issue.

This is happening with both Infernal Exploder 7 and FF3 on XP as well as Infernal Exploder 8 and FF3 on 7.

So who's responsible for this interesting new development?