One Computer with Two IPs - One IP Could Not Be Registered On The Interface

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- Workgroup with three Windows 7 Pro desktop computers each with single NIC's and no wireless capability.
- Each computer is configured to use DHCP on the router. There is no domain controller nor DHCP server.
- One workstation with machine name MAIN-PC, is sharing a folder and has a DHCP provided address of For this example, let's presume the shared folder is open to the Everyone group in both share permissions and Windows security permissions.
- Machine names CLIENT-1 and CLIENT-2 have mapped network drives to the shared folder on MAIN-PC. For each one, Advanced TCP/IP Settings shows NetBIOS setting configured as Default (Use NetBIOS setting from the DHCP server.)
- An additional half dozen computers also share the internet connection.


While using CLIENT-1 or CLIENT-2 both ping and tracert to MAIN-PC returns an incorrect address of, instead of The mapped network drives, which reference machine name MAIN-PC, doesn't allow access and prompts for credentials. The shared folder on MAIN-PC is open to Everyone group so permissions aren't needed. Also, using Windows Explorer and browsing to \\ shows the open shared folder.

While using MAIN-PC, a tracert to includes the words "Tracing route to MAIN-PC" which is expected. However, a tracert to includes the words "Tracing route to MAIN-PC" which is not expected. A tracert to MAIN-PC includes the words "Tracing route to MAIN-PC" and displays the IPv6 address.

In System Event Viewer, there are recurring entries for:

Log Name: System
Source: NetBT
Date: 3/10/2017 10:07:30 AM
Event ID: 4321
Task Category: None
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: MAIN-PC
The name "MAIN-PC :0" could not be registered on the interface with IP address The computer with the IP address did not allow the name to be claimed by this computer.

Why does MAIN-PC with a single network interface and no addition IP addresses on the NIC, have two IP addresses and

Why does CLIENT-1 and CLIENT-2 resolve the machine MAIN-PC to the wrong IP address

My understanding is that in a WORKGROUP, NetBIOS is being used for name resolution. I have run ipconfig/flushdns on MAIN-PC, CLIENT-1 and CLIENT-2. The phantom still appears. How do I troubleshoot this further?
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