Outlook Address Autocomplete issue

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Outlook Address Autocomplete issue

I'm having a problem with a customer who is using Outlook 2002 on a Windows 2000 Terminal server.

Recently, the email autocomplete used to offer suggestions for matching email addresses in Outlook suddenly stopped working. When the customer begins to type the email address into the TO field, no suggestions display (as if the history has been lost).

I located the NK2 file for the user's Outlook Profile (located in C:\Documents and Settings\**UserID**\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook). Using INGRESSOR, I was able to open the user's NK2 file, and see all of the entries in the file, so i do not believe the file is corrupt. I rebuilt the user's Outlook profile, then re-added the NK2 file (making sure to rename the NK2 file to match the profiles name), and had no luck. I found an old copy of the NK2 file from 4 months back that we know for sure is not corrupt, but still problems persist.

In Outlook (under the Options menu), the option for "Suggest names while completing To, Cc, and Bcc fields" is enabled. We even tried doing an Outlook "Detect and Repair", and an Office Re-install, yet cannot resolve the issue.

I spent nearly a day looking for a solution to this problem, and cannot find a solution. No one else on the terminal server is having this issue, just this one person.

Anyone know how to resolve this?