Outlook 'Autocomplete' should be banned.

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Outlook 'Autocomplete' should be banned.

I replaced a user's computer yesterday. This morning she called to ask why Outlook wasn't automatically completing e-mail addresses after she typed a few characters. I explained that the 'Autocomplete' feature stored those addresses on the individual computer and not as part of her e-mail account.

"But all my customer addresses are in there!"

"Didn't you create Contacts for them?"

"Isn't that where the addresses were coming from?"

This isn't the user's fault; insufficient training never is. But this 'feature' encourages reliance on a crutch that can't be accessed remotely or from other systems; and discourages creating a Contact that stays with the account and can be easily shared or transferred to other employees.

I'm going to start turning this 'feature' off, just as soon as I look up how much trouble it's going to be to attempt to transfer it.