Parent-Child Domain creation in Win2003

By j_pc ·

I have 3 companies which are residing in one building and also run by one we dedided one server for three companies. i want to create Parent domain as " XYZ" and y and x for child domain. how can i create parent and child domain? i created parent doamin.when i run dcpromo command for child is asking removing active directory. pls help me to create parent and child domain setp by step.awaiting your favorite answer.

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by animatech In reply to Parent-Child Domain creat ...

Are you asking how to create 3 domains on 1 server?
If this is what you are asking then I don't think you can do it.
Instead why don't you configure 1 AD domain and then divide your companies to 3 organizational units\containers.
Each has it own department structural.
This is if you are small enough for 1 server to handle.
If you are too big (And this is all depends on the server specs that you have) you may want to look into getting another server.
There are a few things that will benefit you when running 2 servers (Or more).
First you can cluster the server and that why if 1 is down the other is still up and running and you can still do business.
2nd thing is you wont grant the server to halt.
3rd network balancing future will result in better network performance.
And you can buy servers today at pretty good prices.

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3domain in one server

by j_pc In reply to Question

Thanks for ur valuable reply. as you explained, it is better to create one AD and make 3 organisational unit. then what is meaning of child domain in parent domain?.
can you help me?

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by animatech In reply to 3domain in one server

As for your 2nd Q a child domain is a domain that sites under your root forest domain and share a contiguous namespace (example if you company root domain is your child domain will be called
This simplifies sharing resources between domains and domain admin task.

As for creating one domain with the 3 containers you have to make sure it is the best choice for you.
I gave an advice depended on the info you have provided but you did not included how many computers will be attached to the domain nor how many users and what you are planing to run.
If you are going to run it all under 1 server you want to make sure that this server can handle it all (this also include managing users,GP's, replications etc...).
I will also recommend to get at least 1 more server so you will have something to fall on in case of 1 server going down.

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Domain name space

by CG IT In reply to Domain

in addition to animatech's summation of AD, in making a decision of how to structure what you want to do, you need to consider domain name space [Domain Names].

If your 3 companies all have their down domain names which are not contingious, and each wish to keep their domain names, you might have to opt for multiple forest, multiple domains. As an example, Microsoft has their root domain They also have and under those 2 domains [multiple forest] can be child domains [multiple domains].

Note: typically child domains follow an organizational structure type of logical structure. As an example sales.<domain>.com or support.<domain>.com

you can have DNS servers which provide services to multiple domains [zones].

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by j_pc In reply to Domain

I wish to connect 30 users in one server.configuration is intel 915 mb and p4 emt with 1 gb ram. is it enough for 30 users.server which is not having much application. waiting for ur repy

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ah well depends

by CG IT In reply to thanks

I would upgrade if there was a budget for it. a single processor in a server with IDE drives will be slow with 30 users.

have to remember, they will most likely all log on between a given short period of time. That kills performance. If you have users store anything on the server, that will also kill performance.

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30 users log in server

by j_pc In reply to ah well depends

what are the minimum server requirements for 30 users? could you suggest? i also doubt about it.but for the time being we are using p4 as server. pl reply it
I want to know who u r and from
don't mind
this is for better contact in future

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I Agree

by animatech In reply to ah well depends

Look if you are going to run on the server AD and use it as a file, DNS, DHCP, Print or what ever roll you intended for it then this wont be enough.
You probably want to look for a duel core processor and enough memory (probably around the 4gig +), SATA drives and so on.
This may cost you more then to get another server and un 2 in a cluster which will improve your performance and will provide you with fault tollerance

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agree with animatech

by CG IT In reply to I Agree

If it was me, I'd get 2 servers for AD and DCs and a 3rd as a file server.

If I had the money, I'd get a dual processor server board, dual processors, 16GB of memory [32 would be better], SCSI drives.

If I didn't have the money, back with redundant servers. you can put 3 or more servers on the network running desktop hardware [meaning memory size, processor speed and HDD types] and get a decent network going that also has redundancy.

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Parent Child Domain

by jesses In reply to 3domain in one server

You will need to create a parent as (forest) then demote the first child ( and add it as You will need to do this for all of the domain you want as children as they would be trees in the forest.

Otherwise, if you want to share permissions, you can create a transitive trust between all of the domain. This will allow you to manage all of the domains from a single location (MMC) by navigating to the various domains.

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