Partition snafu-how to recover?

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Partition snafu-how to recover?

I was partitioning and formating a 400GB Seagate hdd and so installed the Seagate partitioning utility that came with the hdd. As a part of the installation, it was necessary to run a utility (within the Seagate utility) to enable patitioning and management of large disks, which involved a registry change to my W2k computer. All went OK.

When finished, I turned to a Maxtor 160GB that I had previously partitioned using the W2k partitioning software (which was done previous to the above large disk drive management registry changes.) It had partitioned to the max allowed (approx 130GB +/-) leaving approx 30GB unpartitioned.

Since I already had the Seagate utility running, I decided to use it to create a useable partition with the remaining 30GB. Bad idea.

When this computer next booted up, the 130GB partition was nowhere to be seen and only a 21GB (Don't know where the other 9 GB +/- went?) partition is visible. Distress!!!

Not sure what happened to the 130 (+/-) GB partition, but would sure like to have the contents available again.

There are no issues with the original boot drive and Windows Disk Management shows the original boot drive (Disk 0) as:

37.25 GB FAT32
Healthy (System)


Disk 1 (second hdd) as unreadable.

the drive is in fact not unreadable since I have already transferred 5+GB of files to it.

Partition Magic shows for the second drive:

Type: Dynamic Disk
Size: 152 GB
Used:152 GB
Unused: 0
Status: None
Pri/Log: Primary

Anyone able to tell from the above what has happened and what, if anything, might be done about it? TIA