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Powering up Oddity

By Maggot ·
I can't figure this out?

Asus main board: A7N8X PCB 2.0, BIOS ver. 1010
CPU: Athlon XP 2700
RAM: 2x512 Coursair 400 MHz Cas 2.5 (running in dual channel mode) @ 200 MHz external freq.

Here is the head scratcher... when I power down the PC and turn the power off at the surge protector, I have to stop the machine and then re-start it for the monitor to kick in. This only happens if I turn the power off at the surge protector. If I leave the surge protector power on the machine & monitor start right up.

The monitor shows no signs of problems. The power supply is brand new it's a Allied 500 watt switching power supply. It is AMD and Pentium certified.

The only system changes I have made since the build are the power supply and the memory. I switched from Cas 3.0 to Cas 2.5

I have considered a weak CMOS battery but the machine doesn't revert to defaults at all. Memory would be my next consideration, but the machine operates just fine other than the power and boot thing. I do on line gaming mostly.

I am not clocking the machine at all other than maybe running the memory at 200 MHz external. The chip set has a 400 MHz buss, the CPU is running at 166 external. I was using the same memory setting before switching to the Cas 2.5 The memory in use is on the list off the Asus site.


Thanks in Advance.

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by Maggot In reply to Powering up Oddity

Maybe I should clarify the boot power thing. It only happens once. When I come home and turn on the PC it will happen. After that I can turn it off, turn off the power at the surge protector and turn it back on. The problem doesn't occur.

I ran Memtest86 ver. 1.06. It returned no errors, I let it run for 1 pass.

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by willcomp In reply to

I go by both. Been know as Dalton a whole lot longer.

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by willcomp In reply to

Male? Usually fan monitoring connections from PSU are female and connect to mobo 3 pin power connector.

Some power supplies have a male molex connector with 2 leads (red and black) labeled fan to supply 12 VDC power to a fan.

Trying to figure out what you have and it doesn't compute.


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by willcomp In reply to

Female fan monitor connector computes. Has ground and signal connections (center connector is 12 VDC power).

Purpose is to monitor PSU fan speed as you have surmised.

CHS connector should be for CPU fan and there may be a BIOS permissive requiring that fan is operable.

Shouldn't hurt anything to leave PSU fan speed monitoring disconnected.

I use Apex uATX cases with 300 watt Allied PSUs quite regularly. Allied PSUs are decent and have not had any problems with them. Not in same class as Antec, Enermax, ThermalTake, CoolerMaster and other high quality PSUs, but better than most inexpensive ones.

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by willcomp In reply to

Will be interesting to see what vendor comes up with. At this point I will surprised if it is anything besides motherboard.

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by Maggot In reply to

Poster rated this answer.

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by Maggot In reply to Powering up Oddity

First off, thanks for the reply Dalton. I read the post you provided the link for. That situation didn't exist on this system. I have the re-start on power loss disabled already and this BIOS doesn't have a video always on. It does provide for power on by mouse and keyboard.

I think I may have solved the issue, I removd the 2 modules of CAS 2.5 and re-installed the CAS 3.0 I let the system sit for an hour with the power off at the surge protector. When I turned it on it up it booted right up. The 3.0 is set to run @ 200 MHz external, like before.

I will know in the morning if this resolves the issue.

I would stil like input on this or maybe address the reason the CAS 2.5 caused the problem (if it did)

Did I error by running the CAS 2.5 at a speed higher than the CPU FBS (CPU FSB is 333 MHz). Will it run if set it to match the CPU FSB?

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by Maggot In reply to Powering up Oddity

My mistake, I mean thank you "Willcomp"

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Powering up Oddity

Have you tried disconnecting the surge protector? These things are only good for one hit and it may be that the unit is developing a power blockage and at the start running with limited Amperage.

This is far more common in low Power Countries where the Amperage has to be higher. What I mean here is a 110 V AC mains power as apposed to 240 VAC power.


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