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My computer got infected yesterday by the Qoobox. You can identify if you have this virus when a blue box opens with "Windows", question marks, and a number scale of command buttons. The virus locked up my computer & would not let my mouse go outside of the popup. When I booted into safe mode the virus had disabled all of my startup items except itself.

I searched the internet & found very little on this virus, however I do have a few steps to remove the virus from the computer. These steps worked well to get rid of the virus as quickly as possible:

1. Removed the Hard Drive from my computer and slaved it to another computer.
2. Deleted the Qoobox folder from the main directory.
3. Put the Hard Drive back into my computer & ran windows system restore.

These steps allowed me to get back into windows. I believe if you can get to a command prompt in safe mode you can delete the folder as well. Although you still need to run a system restore to restore all of the start up items. This way is not tested so if anyone can give some feedback on using the command prompt.