Relocate Active Directory?

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Relocate Active Directory?

Here's the "boo-boo'd" mess I have:
I've upgraded the motherboard on my Server 2000 to a dual processor system. I thought I got lucky because I had the same VIA chipset IDE controllers in both boards, thinking I could avoid a reinstall. Nope, ran like trash, so I did a clean install on the separate partition, and figured that I could always dual boot between the two for whatever reason. After I was satisfied that I didn't need the original install of Server 2000, I deleted it. The original install was on the C:\WINNT while the new install is in D:\WINNT.
Here's where my problem begins. Active Directory. I want to have RIS installed, as I originally did. But now what I have is the Active Directory located on C:\WINNT and my OS on D:\WINNT. During the RIS install, it sees C:\WINNT and thinks that Windows Server is in there. How can I move the Active Directory information to a different location, so I can get RIS installed on my server?

Hope that's enough info for someone to set me straight.

--AD bluse on moejoh.net

Thanks in advance!