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Ladies and Gents,
I think that, as computer gurus, we have a responsibility to eachother to report about the software packages we download from TR and give an analysis of their performance in our experience. We MUST report malware(s) when we find them!

As such, I issue my first warning. DO NOT download "Smart Toolbar Remover 2.0 (Windows)". It will install a second program link your not asked about. While this may be a "power marketing" ploy of www.smartpctools.com, it is irresponsible and unethical of them. To do so is hacker-like behavior.

They may use the excuse that it's "just a link", I'm here to tell you that it totally crashed my computer. When I used cntrl-alt-delete to stop it, it crashed my Windows Explorer and DID NOT want to die! Now I have to figure out what else it installed...