The best way to access Citrix Presentation Server

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The best way to access Citrix Presentation Server

Hello All,

I have tried many ways to connect to Citrix Presentation Server, but lately I have found the best way ever.

It is a new web service developed by Extentrix. you download it in your Citrix Presentation Server or on other web server connected to it.

by this you can develop your own application in any language or platform and query the applications from the server using the standard web service.

I advise every one who works on Citrix Presentation Server to download and try it free from :

it has solved me many problems. in the site you will find examples on how to consume the web service using java, c#.Net and others.
Best Wishes.
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Hi All,
I have good news for you guys. A new version of Extentrix Web Services has come up. It really has a better performance.
I tried it for free and it was awesome. It is called "Extentrix Web Services 2.0 - Application Edition".
I tried also another product related to it which is "Extentrix Web Services 1.0 - Management Edition". They can work together.

I really advice that you all try it. You can do so by going to:


Enjoy your time!