Title: Ghost 8.0 will not start TCP/IP, Cannot Find DHCP Server

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Title: Ghost 8.0 will not start TCP/IP, Cannot Find DHCP Server

I have 25 new PC's in a classroom that I have to clone. They did not come with a floppy drive. It has a SATA HD, and a Broadcom NetXtreme 57XX. After a lot of trial and error I made a bootable flash drive that boots into Ghost.

The PC being used as a Ghost server is in my office located in another building. I have the Ghost Cast open and ready to accept all clients. I am using the word "Image" as my session name. All PC's are on the same domain.

When I boot up the PC that needs to be cloned using the flash drive I get to the point where I enter the session name and hit enter. After a few seconds I get an error message that says:

Application Error 19913
Unable to Start TCP/IP
Can't find DHCP Server

DHCP is enabled on the PC's. I can pull an IP on them and get out to the internet. When I do an IPCONFIG /All it shows me an IP for the DHCP Server also. So I do not understand why it will not connect in this room. I know I have the right NIC Driver installed. (See Next Para.)

Here's the odd part. I can carry the same PC back to my office and using the same USB flash drive to boot it up, I can connect to the GhostCast Server and pull my image with no problems at all.

What can be different about these two locations? My Network guy at work is scratching his head and has no idea? Any suggestions?