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As it's owner describes it as His Mid Life Crisis it's about right a 1000 thing that goes into a Tank Slapper at 120 KPH and as it's supposed to go much faster, that to me is a bad Sign. Of course that is 20 KPH below me moving the Ducati out of First to second but I'll leave that alone for the moment.

Silly thing has Raked Forks the stupidest Triple Trees that I have ever seen with the top being considerably smaller than the bottom so that the Fork Legs are at an angle to the Top Triple Tree and requires a Tapered Shim that has to be held still while you tighten the Fork Tube Top Bolts. They also have 2 spacers to pretension the springs which isn't normal for sensible forks even Japanese ones which these are. I knew that there was something wrong when after fitting 1 Spring Spacer there was free movement in the forks which shouldn't be there.

On the up side it actually has a chain drive instead of a Rubber Band but I really wonder if the way that the Handel Bars are mounted is even close to Legal. The Actual Bracket that the Bars go into are OK but it sits on 2 rods about 3 or 4 inches above the top Triple Tree Clamp.

The thing has been stripped down and left for about 6 months and the Original Chrome is all pitted and crappy. If I paid for a company do do Chrome Plating like that I would be returning it very quickly but maybe that's just me and others find it acceptable.

I saw the old 1933 BSA that I restored in the early 70's last week and not any of the chrome on it has any pitting. Some looks a bit off but that's because it was pitted badly before being chromed but the current stuff has not lifted at all and even the previously pitted metal is still completely covered. Needless to say the guy who owns it now didn't have a cover over it and I had to wash the dust off it where it has not been moved for years so I could have a decent look at it. Unfortunately he sold the Dusting Sidecar as it scared him attempting to ride it with the chair on it.