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There's a bit of rain and wind here at the moment so I'm sort of at a loss as to how long the power will remain on or the Internet will be working as the remains of Tropical Cyclone Lee Harvey Oswald is passing the place and causing a bit of havoc.

I had to go out in the rain and wind last night and remove some branches from a tree that had broken and was resting against the house before it did any damage and then tie them down to stop them blowing away and causing more damage. Sunday was a great day I broke a Fan Belt on the way home and had to wait for the Tow truck to arrive while the car was moving dramatically around in the wind and then stand out in the rain with virtually no sight and cut trees down in the next door neighbors yard

But no matter what it doesn't stop the Lorries from arriving and demanding to be feed. We currently have lots of Soggy Lorries looking sorry for themselves demanding to be feed and they are much louder than the other birds who are competing with them for our attention and food. :^0

What can I say the days around AU day are never boring. So much for a quite AU Birthday this year, looks as if some of the flooding is going to be worse than a couple of years ago in some places to.