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However all involved where driving through water across roads and getting washed away so over all we have been relatively lucky.

There was another who went to check his boat and had a heart attack which is sort of related to the floods and that one couldn't have been prevented as they really didn't do anything stupid unless you want to consider not taking their Heart Medication with them.

Some people have been incredibly lucky with trees falling onto their cars and they have survived though it's difficult to understand how when you see the wreckage. Another went with her family to look at the flood waters and while standing under a tree to stop some of the rain it fell on her breaking her leg and giving her 3 year old head injuries. The Kid is still in hospital in a bad way though safe and stable now, but the woman has been discharged.

It never ceases to amaze me the stupidity of some people they completely ignore perfectly sensible information like stay home unless you absolutely have to go out and they go out for enjoyment or to Rubber Neck the damage. They then wonder why bad things happen. With strong winds it's dangerous enough staying put indoors you don't need to encourage Mother Nature to kill you.

I suppose that shows just how Old I am, as now as I don't have to go out I stay put at home and just enjoy being there with no stress.

It was amazing to look out the front door about midday as a massive tree across the road in some ones back yard had fallen well about 2/3 of it had with just the one big branch sticking up now and a much smaller one hanging. But as the rain has all but stopped now and the wind died down it's Clean Up Time.

The next door neighbour who's tree fell onto our house had another fall into his swimming pool taking the fence out as well so he's got a big job ahead as here Pools have to be fenced and if the fence is any way not Child Proof for whatever reason the local council is downright nasty.

I saw a car drive through a fence into a friends swimming pool and as they where towing the car out the council was reading the riot act about a Unsafe Pool Fence to the owner. The person driving the car had stolen it was driving at excessive speeds and lost control of it then ploughed through a front brick fence then proceeded 200 yards into the yard and then through the pool fence. He's on 10 acres so has lots of room and has now planted trees between the front fence and pool to prevent that happening again.

I on the other hand refuse to have a pool ever under any circumstances and am just happier without the hassles.

The Flood Peek will hit here tomorrow but it's much lower that what hit here in 2011 so while there will be some localized flooding it's not going to be anywhere near as bad as it was a couple of years ago, here at least. Up North in Bunderberg it's nasty they got hit pretty hard with lots of rain and currently there are experiencing the worst flooding in their recorded history. I wonder how Jacky Howe is as he comes from there.

I'm just staying put and taking a Chill Pill, hopefully I'll catch up on some sleep but somehow I very much doubt it will happen that way.