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Which had been there for over 40 years was sick, had lots of rotten wood in it's trunk and worse still a large hollow directly under a branch that overhung the house. It was in the process of breaking with a large crack across the top of the bough and a large compression budge under the bough.

It was in the process of falling and as it was only 18 inches thick I thought it better to get it removed before some bad weather happened. When the guy came out to cut it he found the hollow and thought that the actual branch was hollow as well so it required a Cherry Picker which went to 4.5 metres to be used to cut it as if he had of climbed the branch it could have broken damaging the house and possibly killing the guy in the tree.

Not really an option but when it was eventually cut the branch was solid making the entire situation worse as it had so much more weight on the very weak join to the tree. OH did I mention it was a Big Tree? The stump is only 52 inches across and that is from the good wood on one side to the rotten stuff about half way across so it was massive..

Now all I need is several thousand more $ to have 2 more removed both of which where beautiful little trees when they where planted all those years ago by my Mother and as they only cost $5.00 each they where a real bargain. Of course she wasn't the one paying to have them removed even if it was to stop her worrying about the possibility of them falling onto the house or the Power Service into it.

As things stand now there are several largish branches which overhang the Overhead Power Service which will one day fall and drag the Power Lines out of the wall. It's only happened twice so far with the last time about a year ago and the energized Mains hang about a foot off the ground and stay that way till the power company sends someone out to fix the problem.

If it was just Mum there wouldn't be much of a problem but as my sisters kids visit often they are just as likely to touch the power lines and kil themselves. Last time the lines came down one of them brought in a Hook that held the Lines to the house after disconnecting the hook and they asked Grandma what this was. She didn't know either but he was lucky not to kill himself. Took the best part of a day to get the repair organised as the Power Company would only fix the connection to the house but we had to get a Electrician in to fix a new hook to the house before they would rerun the lines. That time they replaced the service with insulated wires but personally with the energy involved I wouldn't trust the insulation all that much with young kids around. The youngest is 7 and the oldest is 15 now so in about 10 years they will probably be almost safe to have around.