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He sneaks in chocolate at every opportunity! BUT...since he brought it up...I could go for one of those Sweet Shop USA Double Chocolate Fudge truffles right about now! Would mean a trip to the store though...guess I'll have to scrounge around the house for something. Maybe I should make an offer on chocolates to fellow TR members? Hmmm, that's an idea, though I really do NOT like self-promotional stuff, so guess I best not do that. However, if anyone did happen to drop by my neck of the woods I would be thrilled to visit with them! Last year I just missed ZDNet's Ed Bott by a couple of days, he had a client only about 12 miles away, but we didn't learn about how close he would be til he had already left.
Speaking of ZDNet...Purple, how's things going? If you have questions, just let me know (private message, email, etc.)