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But then an hour ago it was pouring down so much so that the gutters here where overflowing.

Unfortunately here we have recently had floods and it's still raining. Once upon a time we used to have grass on the yards but now that has all died off and the green covering is algae which needs mowing more often than the grass. No it's not quite that bad yet but there are areas of the lawn here that have drowned because of the rain which is at the moment never ending. Now it's staring to go dark so the clouds are rolling in again. The sun shine is just to confuse and give you A False Sense of Hope.

At the moment the rain is heavy enough to keep things waterlogged but not heavy enough to cause anything more than some very localized flooding in the low lying areas that always flood when there is anything heaver than the output of a garden hose for more than 6 seconds.

No real disruption unless you want to ride a bike over the dedicated Bike Paths in the low lying areas. OH and the ducks are not overly happy with the rain as they have to decamp from the streams when they start flowing too fast. The Scrub Turkeys have now got used to constantly wet feet and large pools of water everywhere they go.