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TR Community scoreboard for November 9, 2012

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Not going to happen here, it's a terrible weekend and getting worse by the nanosecond.

I'm just about to go to the local Quacks and load up their server with a 64 Bit OS that supports their Medical Program as the old 32 Bit version has now reached the end of it's useful life and the SQL D Base is consuming 2.8 GIG of RAM out of the 3.25 that is available to the 32 Bit OS.

The server is under 6 months old and the Medical App within the past week has just been certified for a 64 Bit OS and just to keep life interesting I don't know which OS I can use as I have yet to see the Specifications for the Program and the place is open all weekend.

I can describe things in quite a few ways and it's defiantly not going to be Boring but Happy it's most defiantly not.