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Are always looking back on days past and saying How Much Better things where then and complaining about the Youngsters.

OH Wait a Minute I'm an Old Fart Too so what An I saying. :^0

But the other day I took SWMBO to the Quacks and waiting in the Pharmacy a little girl who had turned 4 that day was walking around telling everyone she was 4 and what a wonderful day it was.

After speaking to SWMBO she asked what that bit of dressing on the back of her hand was for where an IV had been and SWMBO said the Doctor did that to me then she asked what the dressing on her neck was about and again SWMBO said the doctor did that to me, the little girl replied "BAD DOCTOR I don't like him", SWMBO said "nor do I." We all got a laugh out of that.