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That's what I did about a year and a half ago, bought a small
drugstore. I'm not having to take any meds at the present,
but Mrs Wiz has to take a few. The US healthcare system
lets the pharmaceutical manufacturers operate like "robber
barons", especially in regards to name brand drugs. So
I've gotten Mrs Wiz's docs to allow substitution with a generic
if possible. Then you've got the insurance robber barons,
that cut your reimbursement to sometimes less than what
you just paid for the stuff, and their notion of a "professional
fee" is in the range of $1 to $2...it can be tough!
OK, enough of that for now...we're supposed to be having
a happy weekend here!! Where's the party? I brought
the mugs... {_}3 {_}3 {_}3 {_}3 {_}3 {_}3 {_}3 {_}3 {_}3