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Something like "It's not the years, it's the mileage"! LOL!
Wrinkles, spots, etc. don't bother me, I have plenty to go
around. Those "light colored shades" in my hair? Nah,
not gray, it's experience!! No, I'm not going bald, my
forehead is getting higher!! I used to laugh at Tim Conway's
little old man character, until I noticed friends only a few years
more experienced than myself taking on those characteristics!!
I keep telling my kids not to laugh at us, because before they
know what happened, they will be doing the same thing!
Twenty years goes by a lot faster when you turn 40 as opposed
to turning 20! My own confrontation with "high mileage" occurred
about 4 years ago, when a previous job had me doing a lot of
driving in unfamiliar territory...did you know some places think it
is acceptable to use blurry writing for their street and highway signs?!!
Sheesh...then I was told by an optometrist that it WASN'T the signs,
but my eyes! What?!? No way...but alas, the eyeglasses did indeed
make the writing on the signs clear! So now I wear them when driving...
kind of irritating though, my peripheral vision is still great, and I see
things from the side, but to make out distant detail I have to turn my
head in the direction rather than just glance.
Mrs Wiz, trying to be consoling, told me my glasses made me look
like a "professor"...Gee, thanks hon! Anyway...a lot of the time I
leave my glasses right there on an end table with my cell phone, LOL!
Hoping she doesn't catch me out and about without both, hehe!