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Even though I probably do need glasses to see distant objects
a bit more clearly, when I went to have my driver license renewed,
the state license folks had me remove my glasses for the picture???
What? OK, fine with me...plus there is still no "restriction" on my
license that I have to wear "corrective" lenses! But I think I've
figured out what they really wanted...an unrestricted view of the
crows-feet around my eyes!! Sneaky devils! I wonder if state
department employees sit around getting their laughs from
counting the wrinkles in my picture??
They also "grandfathered" (subliminal terminology??) my
motorcycle operating license, been riding for close to 40 years,
guess they figured I didn't need to take the state test to demonstrate
a proficiency at operating a motorcycle.
Oh, they do eventually offer a perk to older folks, at age 65
or so they waive the fee to renew a drivers license...again,
no test to show ability though???
Just some of those things that make me say "Hmmmmm!"