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TR Community scoreboard for September 6, 2013

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the old "Top 100 Members", anyhow an attempt at listing them, is showing up on the right hand side, in most cases! The data to draw the rankings appears to be very old though.
I realize that the previous "version" of TechRepublic is supposedly gone, however...I do make an occasional visit to SmartPlanet, one of the sister site members of the CBSi sites, and by golly, as of Sept 8, 2013, the older style layout and commenting system is still in place there. SO, in my admittedly small brain, it seems to me it would be a more simple matter of "borrowing" the basics from SmartPlanet to get some of the former usability back to TR rather than continue on what by any measure can only be termed a failed experiment. Or maybe I'm just being reticent, bordering on obstinate, in regards to change?