trying to install XP on Maxtor SATA HD

By luv2bike2 ·
I am trying to install XP on a Maxtor SATA HD. The HD already has XP on it but need to format the HD and install it again.

When the part of the installation comes up asking if you want to install XP press enter, or repair xp press r. I press enter and I get a message saying that setup did not find a hard drive on the system.

I have tried 3 different XP installation CD's. (2 for new distribution and one new full installation cd).

The system has an external HD however i disconnected it from the PC before doing the installation.

BIOS has the internal HD settings correct.
Boot sequence is CD/DVD ROM first,
Maxtor HD second,
Floppy drive third.

I connected the External Seagate HD to the computer just for hahas and ran XP installation, i pressed enter on the setup screen to install xp, it went to the next screen where you choose what drive and all. however, there was only one drive and it was the external hd but it was labeled as the c: drive. of course i do not want to do anything to the external hd since it has backups of the internal hard drive.

Does anyone have any clue as to why XP does not see the internal hard drive?

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Because its a SATA drive.

by Langlier In reply to trying to install XP on M ...

When setup is loading you need to load the sata drivers for your card/motherboard (press F6 when prompted). Those should either come with the machine or be available online.

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You are correct......

by AnswerMan In reply to Because its a SATA drive.

You are correct my friend, it's a driver issue regarding the SATA drive, OR it's an old motherboard or a BIOS that is unable to be flashed or updated.

A brief aside to all my tech brothers:

With EVERYTHING being a virus to MS, and with EVERYTHING needing "admin" right in Vista, can you imagine how many times this is going to happen then? EEEEEEEEEEEEK !!

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SATA Mother Board Controller Issue

by pobstar1 In reply to You are correct......

If your Mother Board comes with two sets of SATA connections you will have to know which one is the right controller to the one that your HDD SATA is connected to. Even if your Mobo have only one set of SATA connectors, has mentioned above in this post, you will have to put the correct Controller driver on a floppy disk (you can download it from your Mother Board website) and when the XP installation start you press the F6 key when request. This will bring somewhere in the process the XP installation window to ask you to select the requested controller driver on your floppy drive.

If you don?t have a Raid setup it is important that you choose the correct controller driver for a single boot HDD. XP installation will recognize your SATA HDD and will make the correct format type that it is needed. Always format in an NTSF structure the HDD when using an XP operating system.

Also, when starting your PC to install XP go to the Bios setup utility where you will have also to configure the Onboard Devices Configuration for the IDE operate mode for SATA. Also be sure that the Raid controller is set on Disabled if you don?t use a Raid HDD?s configuration.

I had, few months ago, a similar problem issue when installing a HotSwap eSATA and I download the Mother Board Manual in .PDF file from the Mother Board website to figure out some answer. If you have an OEM Branded PC you will probably find some info?s on the manufacturer website concerning the Mother Board that is embedded on your PC.

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Sata Issue

by awdsin In reply to SATA Mother Board Control ...

You Have to Enable Sata Support in the BIOS.

You have to Enable the SATA Support in the Mother Board ......


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RAID mode

by jazzmans2 In reply to trying to install XP on M ...

This can also happen if your SATA is set to RAID mode in the bios. (you would still need to load the drivers) Check the bios to see if you can shut it off.

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Fix Your BIOS

by derrald In reply to trying to install XP on M ...

You didn't identify the manufacturer of the system or mobo, but, there is probably an easy solution. First, check to see if you have a BIOS update available from the mobo or computer manufacturer. Then try again after doing the update. If there is no BIOS update available, or if the update does not change the behavior when you do the installation, go into the BIOS, and change the SATA settings, first trying the ATA/PATA simulation. You might have to try more than one setting until you find the one that enables the installation program to recognize the drive. This is a common situation with Dell Dimension 8400 series of systems from 2-3 years ago. Once the OS is installed, you simply go back into the BIOS and reset it to the preferred mode of operation. I have had to use this procedure more than once, and it has always worked, including when restoring a system from a Ghost backup image.
Adding more info since first posted at 1:20 AM: Several posts are on the right track. The XP installation disk does not have serial ATA drivers, so it does not see the serial ATA drive. So, if you temporarily reset the computer's BIOS to redirect the Serial ATA channel over to the IDE channel, the XP installation CD can see the serial ATA hard drives. Then, after completing the XP installation, while in Windows you can install the standard Intel Serial ATA driver or whichever serial ATA driver has been supplied by the manufacturer of your motherboard/system. Then, reboot and enter
the BIOS and reset it back to the original setting. It is possible that for your own system, you might need to reverse the last two steps to get a boot. Incidentally, the F6 driver option often does not work, especially if your system has no floppy drive since XP looks for the extra driver only on drive "A."
Added Jun 22 9:55 PM
I'm surprised at some of the postings. Some are way off target and others are definitely on target. Look at all the ones related to BIOS settings and whether or not you have a floppy drive that enables you to use the F6 driver addition. Put the info above and the others related to the BIOS issues and you will have an answer. The brand of the hard drive is not relevant.

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by tusixoh In reply to Fix Your BIOS

Changing the automatic SATA setting in the BIOS is how I got around this exact problem when attempting to install Windows XP on an HP Pavilion DV6000 series that was pre-loaded with Vista.

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by derrald In reply to indeed

Thanks for the endorsement! Some of the posts have been downright laughable. It's hard to know whether they are just pulling your leg or whether they are really serious. This is a well-known issue and its solution is not difficult, although there are variations along this BIOS-related line, based on the motherboard and specific BIOS embedded in it.

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SATA Dvr - I didn't know what endosement so I looked

by fadbel In reply to Thanks

I was curious as to the endorsement as I hadn't read your contribution. My only two comments were to the guy with the problem and the one that said "throw money at it"! :)
I congratulate you on your extensive response. Now, if you can help me figure out a way out of my "The Source is Not available..." when I attempt to update office 2003 (any updates) and Word Perfect. I think I even get that when I try to run "Detect and Repair" under Outook 2003.
Feel free to give advice!

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New Thread Required?

by derrald In reply to SATA Dvr - I didn't know ...

I think that question might be considered a hijacking of this thread, but I will try to reply if it isn't deleted by the moderator.
Generally the error you indicated is because you do not have the MS Office installation files on your hard drive from the original installation, nor is the original CD from the installation in your optical drive. When you install MS Office, you are given the option of having the installation files left on your hard drive. If you select not to do so (presumably in order to save hard drive space), the original installation files are not available when you do an update or service pack, so you might get that message. Inserting the original installation disc into the same optical drive from which the app was installed should resolve the problem if you have not changed drive letter assignments. Another lesser possibility is that the system is having trouble accessing the update file. That could be because the file is corrupted, being blocked by a firewall, or is unreadable for some other unknown reason.
Incidentally, my "thanks" posting was a reply to the "indeed" posting of cbarnes@...
which is shown as a reply to my posting, and that can be done only when my posting had been clicked and was shown on the screen. So, I don't know whether you are the same person, but if you are, I assumed that you had read my prior comments and your comments were about my posting. Further, those comments were consistent with my posting. Hence my "thanks" for what I perceived as an endorsement for my posting about the necessity to do a BIOS update and/or change BIOS settings so that the SATA channel is directed over to an IDE/PATA channel, thus enabling the XP installation program to see the drive.
Best of luck to you in solving the source availability problem.

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