Unable to remove a Date File from Outlook 2010

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Unable to remove a Date File from Outlook 2010

I actually found my answer on this website, and I wanted to share my discover, but the the post was closed for further commenting.

I'm using a Windows 7 Dell laptop, and I was in the process of converting my email addresses from POP to IMAP when all **** broke loose. Needless to say, Outlook became most unnerving. I googled every possible word combination that was applicable to my situation with no luck. I uninstalled/reinstalled Outlook, deleted/moved .pst files, and eventually deleted my two email accounts. So I was left with an Outlook that contained no email accounts but still had a Data File that would not go away.

Then I came across this post:


And midway down, this is where I found my inspiration:

"pjp 5 years ago
Open the registry editor, and go to

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles\Default

Look through each of the folders below that to find which ones is causing the particular mailbox to be opened, then delete that whole folder."

On my system, after Profiles, there was no Default folder. But there was a folder called Outlook. So I proceeded to delete EVERYTHING in the Outlook folder, closed regedit, and reopened Outlook......and low and behold, Outlook opened up as if it had never been used before.

I'm sure that someone out there has an easier way to have done this, but this is what worked for me. So I became a member of TechRepublic and wanted to share my findings!


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