Unobtrusive employee monitoring

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Unobtrusive employee monitoring

I am looking for a tool that I can put on the monitor port, or somewhere on my server switch segment, that can "unobtrusively" monitor the behavior of the employees. I don't want to see individual emails. I am looking for general trends type information (employee X uses web X% of the time, email x% of the time, etc.). Ideally, it will give me some sort of clue when they come into the office in the morning (cause everyone works on computers all day) and when they leave in the evening.

I have a problem with most of the tools out there. I don't want to see the detail of their conversations, etc. I just want raw, high level numbers. In addition, I don't want to install anything on their computers. If the employees found it (technology company) there would be a riot.

Any suggestions that you have would be appreciated.