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Unreasonable Expectations

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1) Thanks, I'll do that.

2) The estimators could theoretically build them, but they'd be very crude and not terribly accurate, as the assemblies are composed of parts, which have a price tag and a unit type associated with them, optionally including sizes, thicknesses, package quantities, weight to count ratios, etc. The software accepts formulas to determine quantities, beyond linear feet etc which are far beyond our estimators' comprehension. For example,

Total length of 2x4s in a wall could be:
RoundUp( ( [Linear Total] * 2 ) + ( [..\On Center] * [..\Wall Height] ) + ( [Point Count] * 4 ) )
which would calculate the top and bottom plates, the studs, and corner bracing. Add fire blocking to that mix and you have a rat's nest of a formula that nobody in this company but me would understand. So as you can see, I have the knowledge to accomplish lumber in a wall. I know some other areas as well, but if I had to put a percentage on it, I'd give myself a solid 7% knowledge of the systems involved in the actual construction of a building.