users with administrator privilege

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users with administrator privilege


This may seem very basic to all of you but it is a real problem for me and I need your help in solving it.

For years, all the employees where I work have had administrator privileges on all of the computers, even though most of them don't know what that means.All the computers have the same login and password. It is a free-for-all. As you can imagine, it is a tangled mess.

To their credit, the Macs on the LAN have fared much better than the Windows machines. However, even the Macs have some problems due to the total freedom that users had to merrily download and install.

I can get this mess straightened out IF I am allowed to lock everyone out so that once I get everything cleaned up, I can keep it that way.

My problem is in convincing management that only I - or another tech of their choice, should be allowed administrator privileges. I have showed them with the numbers how much money they can save by me not having to constantly chase both phantoms
and real nasties. They are still not convinced. They like the idea of everyone being able to do whatever they want, whenever they want. They don't really realize how much downtime is caused by this "freedom". I apparently haven't presented a strong enough argument as yet.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.