Weird things suddenly happening to my PC (XP Professional)

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Weird things suddenly happening to my PC (XP Professional)

I desperately need your expert knowledge and help here! Please do lend a helping hand if you know something about my problem as I don't know where to look for solutions. I'm just at a lost and don't know how to tackle the problem.

Here is a description of the problem: My PC is running on Windows XP Professional. It's been running fine for a long time now until yesterday when it seems something is wrecking havoc in it!

Suddenly, my Desktop is filled (and I really mean filled!) with shortcuts to programs. I already had a few shortcuts on the Desktop but they suddenly replicated themselves in such a way that they filled the whole Desktop space. I can see things like "Shortcut to My Computer (12)" - you get the idea! It means that the My Computer icon has replicated itself 12 times on the Desktop! Same things has happened to other existing desktop icons, some of them having been replicated 20 or more times!

Another strange behavior noticed is the Keyboard and Mouse behavior. Right now, I'm writing with my Caps Lock ON. Yes, when the Caps Lock is ON, it writes in small letters and vice versa! Same thing for letters which need the SHIFT key to select them! My mouse suddenly selects a group of items on one click rather than the single item I've clicked on!

What a curse! Please help me out of it! I'm running BitDefender 9 Professional Plus as my antivirus but nothing suspicious has been detected by the program.

Eagerly waiting for your answers!