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What do you think of the Nexus 7?

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As one who likes to experiment with new tech every chance he gets, the fact that I'm still lugging my original N7 with my every day is a non-verbal comment on just how "right" it is for me.

I use it for reading, watching TV shows, social networking and some light-to-medium gaming. It can handle any game I've thrown at it, I just prefer to use my desktop or console for hardcore gaming.

It replaced an Acer 10" tablet in my case, and the 7" form factor is definitely the most practical for anyone who prefers to leave one hand free. I control the XBox through SmartGlass on it, and remote into my home office computer using Splashtop on occasion.

On the other hand, the onboard speaker is weak so plan for some headphones if the new version has not improved in that regard.

And then, a simple OTG cable will open up even more possibilities.