What Linux Distro Do You Use and Why

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What Linux Distro Do You Use and Why

So what linux distro do you use and why do you use it?

I personally use Ubuntu, 32bit edition, as my Linux OS. It was the first linux dsitrobution I used and I amused to all this 'sudo' stuff in the terminal. Also the Ubuntu Software Centre, Package Manager and GetDeb have helped me get all the applciations I need. I don't like Unity but I don't like most of the GUIs, I want gnome 2 back.

I have tried things like Fedora, openSuSe, Linux Mint, arch, Puppy..... and you get the picture. If their was a Ubuntu (not Debian, although ubuntu is Debian Based) Linux distro that comes with Gnome 2 but is upto date with 11.10 then tell me about it as soon as possible.