When nightmares come true.....

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When nightmares come true.....

Ok, here goes...one of the techs went to a users desk to change out her monitor. She still had one of those 15", fuzzy screened and clunky monitors. We were going to give her a new nifty 19" flat screen.

Have you ever seen the "deer in the headlights look"?? Well, she immediately freaked out and got very upset. She didn't want us to take her monitor. When the tech didn't understand her panic and she was almost in tears and the tech was ready to kill her....I was brought in to "talk her down".

I asked her a lot of questions and gently explained to her that the advantages of the new monitor. It was much lighter, had a larger screen then her previous monitor, had a much clearer/cleaner screen, would be easier to move around on her desk and it could be adjusted "7 ways from Sunday" so it would be a very good swap for her.

She was still freaked out so after I asked her a half dozen more questions she finally blurted out in a shaky voice "you can't take that monitor, all of my data is in there..."