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When nightmares come true.....

By geekchic ·
Ok, here of the techs went to a users desk to change out her monitor. She still had one of those 15", fuzzy screened and clunky monitors. We were going to give her a new nifty 19" flat screen.

Have you ever seen the "deer in the headlights look"?? Well, she immediately freaked out and got very upset. She didn't want us to take her monitor. When the tech didn't understand her panic and she was almost in tears and the tech was ready to kill her....I was brought in to "talk her down".

I asked her a lot of questions and gently explained to her that the advantages of the new monitor. It was much lighter, had a larger screen then her previous monitor, had a much clearer/cleaner screen, would be easier to move around on her desk and it could be adjusted "7 ways from Sunday" so it would be a very good swap for her.

She was still freaked out so after I asked her a half dozen more questions she finally blurted out in a shaky voice "you can't take that monitor, all of my data is in there..."


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See as long as its not willful ignorance...

by JamesRL In reply to When nightmares come true ...

There have been a few computers, both Mac and PC, where the motherboard and the monitor were in the same cabinet.

She may not have understood the configuration she had, and yes I would have laughed, but not gotten upset. Not knowing is inevitable, I don't know everything about computers and I highly doubt anyone I know does. Everyone doesn't know at least a few things.

The only ones I get down on are those who are willfully ignorant. I used to sing in a choir, 4 part harmony(sometimes more) and one of the singers beside me did not read music, though it was clearly in his capacity to learn. He didn't care to learn because as a child he was in school choirs where no one read music. So instead he sits beside me, trusts me to read the music correctly and memorises what I sing. That kind of willfull ignorance (I offered to tutor him)is hard to take. And if everyone did it, then we wouldn't be able to have a choir, because complex musical pieces do require the ability to read, even if we memorize it for performance purposes.

Similarly in technology, I don't mind those who don't know something, if they have an open mind to learning. Its the ones who willfully resist learning that bug me.


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by geekchic In reply to See as long as its not wi ...

as I understand it, this lady has been with this company for a very long time and gone through several computer changes. Don't know why she never protested before??

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by ttosun In reply to See as long as its not wi ...

What more can you say? I do agree completely with James though. Perhaps she was used to using an old Mac and just thought all computers worked the same way.

Working for an IT consulting company I have dealt with so many "little old ladies" (no offense to you ladies but that's exactly what they were) which were taught how to use dumb terminals in a car dealership environment. Once upgrades to the computer systems of these dealerships were made, dumb terminals were no longer used.

Introducing....the mouse!!! Holy, MOLY! This turned the "little old ladies'" world upside down! Do you know how many lessons I had to give on the concept of double-clicking? Exausting!
Oh, and what's this? A color monitor? WOWEEE!!After years of staring at a dumb terminal with green font, this must have been like being re-born to these ladies.

But here's the point. It's not that they were ignorant or unwilling to learn, it's just that after 20 or so years of using the same hardware, following procedure on inputing data, these "little old ladies" now had to re-learn how to use a PC.

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. I say the dog is probably just thinking, "What's the point?" and so it becomes harder to explain.

Remember folks, a handfull of patience is worth more than a bushelful of brains.

Happy dealing!

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by Old Guy In reply to WOW!!

Thanks for adding the handful of patience; especially with the post from Jaqui below. It's not hard to be patient with the older employees if you really want to. Sure there are times when I want to just wring some of their necks and once I get behind a closed door I may pound the desk a little but they will never know it. I decided long ago that I will never be short with user in trying to teach them in the computers. This comes from respecting other people because I want other people to respect me as a person, too. Also, one of these days I/we will be the older people.

Also, you probably already do this but I found having a user who has trouble with the mouse sit down and play solitary helps them tremendously.

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That was me..

by GSG In reply to Patience

I wasn't a little old lady, but after learning to use a computer completely through DOS commands and then working at a place that used dumb terminals, I had issues with the mouse. It got so bad that a frustrated IT person told me this, word for word, "You are too stupid to learn this, you should just go back to filing 8 hours a day." Two years later, I'm in IT, have my MCP, and am a project leader, system administrator, and whatever else. I later told him that he had totally crushed me and that I had made the decision never to do that to anyone else. I challenge an IT person who's never done something before, to do a new task perfectly, the first time, after only 5-10 minutes of training, or even 8 hours of training.

I had a nurse practically in tears over learning the new online charting system. Her comment was that she didn't know how I could be so smart and do that "computer stuff". I turned it around and told her that I didn't know how she could be so smart and do all that medical and nursing stuff. It's just what we are used to, so we should be kind, and have patience.

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by Old Guy In reply to That was me..

I hate that you had to be put through that from such an idiot but I'm glad you used it to your benefit! It's not hard to be kind no matter who the are or where they are. You're right it's what we're used to and when teaching most people something new you have to take them at their pace. Wooowho for you!

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by gpratt In reply to Absolutely

We all have horror stories, but there are "some" users who just deserve, no DEMAND to be treated that way. I was the IT Director (basically fancy title for the guy did everything and anything with no help at all) for a company with 150 workstations, 200 users, and 12 servers and no additional IT personnel. We had a qualtiy assurance manager who refused to do even the most basic of user tasks. We had a change in configuration that required users to re-map a drive, I sent an e-mail complete with step-by-step instructions with screen shots for every single step. Everyone from the President and the CEO on down followed the instructions and had no issue with them EXCEPT the prima donna who REFUSED to do it. Her response: "I didn't have to do this at my last job, I don't know how, and you WILL do it for me!!"

I patiently explained to her that due to personnel limitations, I could not do this for everyone, and that even upper level management had been able to do this, and she needed to follow the instructions in the e-mail. She pitched a fit, at which time I did tell her that part of her job as the Q.A. manager was to understand basic windows tasks and if she couldn't then she had no place in that position.

Of course she immediately went to my boss the CEO and complained that I had been rude to her! As far as I was concerned, she was rude to me in not even attempting to follow the instructions that I had painstakingly assembled in order to facilitate the transition. Needless to say she lost the fight and didn't last long.

There are "some" users who deserve to be treated as they treat others. She got what she deserved.

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nursing vs. computers

by ijusth In reply to That was me..

My wife is a nurse and I always tell her that if I screw up I can reboot or restore from tape but if she screws up people die! It is all a matter of perspective.

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Hospital IT

by GSG In reply to nursing vs. computers

I work in a Hospital and support clinical systems. If I screw up, then my system could be down at the wrong time, or data could be mapped to a wrong field, and people could have serious outcomes or die. A nurse recently panicked as she was being trained, and, in tears stated that she was too "dumb" to learn this computer stuff, and she didn't see how I was so smart to know it. I told her that I knew it becuase I'd had over 6 weeks of training by the vendor, and lived and breathed the system for 9 months, and that I couldn't expect her to be an expert only 1 hour into her 8 hour class. I also reminded her that she was an expert on nursing, and that it took her a long time to get that way.

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by noyoki In reply to nursing vs. computers

Lol, so I take it you've never fried a motherboard or some such. I'm too careful to play that way at work, but man, how my own home computers hate me. >=)

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