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When You Suspect the Customer Might Be Wrong

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stress junkie

First I want to mention that I find it unlikely that a "Executive IS/IT Management (CIO, CTO)" would be directly involved in this level of customer service. Unlikely.

Nevertheless, I sometimes find that a customer has asked for a price to have something done, then while the work is being done the customer says something like "As long as you are here you may as well address this other thing." I make it clear at that time that more deliverables means more money. I have been caught in a situation where the customer did ask for more work to be done after a quote was given for a particular list of tasks and I failed to state that more tasks cost more money. I'm sure that the customer was trying to weasel more work for the same amount of money. When I presented a higher bill than was originally mentioned he balked at the price increase. Ever since that experience I always talk about adjustments in cost at the time that the customer mentions changes to the task list.