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When You Suspect the Customer Might Be Wrong

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The worst kind of client is the self-annointed amateur developer, with a little bit of knowledge and a big ego.
These guys are usually lawyers, engineers, or some other advanced degree professional. they usually can not conceptualize any techniques they don't already know, and always require a boatload of convincing at every turn. their ego precludes taking your vast experience as more valid than their limited understanding.
I have made this mistake a few times, trying to contract with these folks. It ultimately NEVER works out. At times i have spent more time explaining,justifying,arguing technique than actually writing code.
As a consultant, it is tempting to take all work that presents itself, but this can lead to misssed opportunity. I think it is better to gamble on waiting a little longer for a project that will be easier to do wtihout educating an obstinante client. you can do 2 or 3 assignements like that in the same time it takes to get rid of 1 assignment from ****.