Where to begin my way into Linux/Unix

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Where to begin my way into Linux/Unix

I've been a Microsoft Admin for some years, and I've been looking above the fence to the neibhours penguin (i.e. I am interested in Linux).

I also want to say that I have development experience and I work a lot with command line tools in Windows environment and I also do a lot of scripting. I am very confortable with command line.

I also heard from some Linux enthusiasts that in Linux/Unix everything is built on CLI and the GUI is just another shell on top of it, unlike Windows where the GUI is the main shell. I think it is very logical and kinda puts thing on the right shelves (assuming they are right). Also I heard that Unix is more "deep deep dive" than Linux and it has no GUI.

On one of my last job interviews the CIO asked me if I have some Linux/Unix experience and I gave a negative anwer. So I decided it's time to get cracking and I am really itching to get started.

Here's the question:
I don't know where to get started. To go straight deep diving into Unix, or start with Linux (supposing it will be easier)?

What do you say?