Which Desktop Vendor Offers the Best Support?

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Which Desktop Vendor Offers the Best Support?

I am looking to purchase 20 desktops to replace end-of-cycle machines.

Based on quality of support, I am wondering which vendor to choose. So far I have requested quotes from IBM, Dell and hp.

Machine specs:

P4 @ 2.8 GHz; 512 MB RAM; 80 GB HDD; CD-RW Drive;
Floppy; On-board Video; Gigabit NIC; WinXP Pro; Office 2003 Basic; 17" Display

System support: 3 yr. NBD 9x5

IBM's quote is the highest of the 3 vendors (by about $2000), but I have heard in the past that IBM support is superior to hp and Dell.

I have purchased from Dell before, but my recent experiences with their support have been disenchanting at best. However, I have never purchased any Optiplex systems -- Wondering if support for these is better since they are geared for the corporate environment.

Haven't dealt with hp support before, so I am curious how they measure up as well.

Like many in IT today, I am a one-man shop serving multiple locations, so getting the best support is a key factor in the purchasing decision. Any comments/suggestions will be much appreciated.