Windows 2003 Server.

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Windows 2003 Server.

I am a student and have built a server as a lab at home, and have one at school. I installed 2003 server, updated in both locations.
2 Network adapters:
??? Server Internet Adapter.
o Set Obtain IP address Automatically
o Obtain DNS Server Automatically
??? Server Local Network Adapter.
o adapter IP address:
o Subnet Mask:
o Default Gateway
o Preferred DNS Server DNS assigned to Server From Router)

Client, obtain IP and DNS automatically.

File Server, Remote Access, DNS, DHCP, Application Roles and Nat enabled.

Both locations, Client and server see each other. Client can access all features of server. Server accesses the web.

At School, Client can access the web thru the server.
At home, even though the client has a valid ip issued by the DHCP server, it can access the Local Network Connection on the server but it cannot access the web or ping the server's Internet Connection Adapter. I have exhausted all I know what to do. HELP