Windows 8: It's ready and it's gr8!

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Windows 8: It's ready and it's gr8!

Since our company - among many other partnerships and affiliations - is a Microsoft Gold Partner, and we have the option to download our internal software requirements directly from the MS partner portal.

About 40 days ago; I have downloaded the "Finished" Windows 8 Pro x64 (NOT THE TEST VERSION), and upgraded from the Win 7 Pro x64 (Device Lenovo B570, Core i3 2.10 Ghz, 8 GB DDR3 RAM). To put it simply.. It is great!

Upgrade: Seamless operation. Less time consuming than Win 7 upgrades. All my data, applications and settings meticulously preserved.
H/W Drivers: 1 update needed for BT. installed in under a minute.
The START menu: Very helpful and customizable. Access is either by moving the cursor to bottom left-hand corner or right-clicking the bottom left hand corner which will give you more options directly from your desktop.
Performance: Much faster boot & shut down time. Much better overall OS and App response.
Truth be told; I do wish I had a touchscreen on my laptop. But again; from what information I have; I can tell you right now that you don't need to wait for the release of new MS (Intel-based) tablets, Win 8 will install on the Samsung Galaxy SIII, the Sony Xperia Tablet S, and any other quad-core hand-held out there (provided that you root your Android device first).

Unfinished? I tried the pre-release version of Win 8.. I uninstalled the next morning. The Pro version is very different. I have access to the new MS "App store" which already has hundreds of free and paid apps; all working just fine. Plus; if your a gamer, you have full access and linkage to XBOX.

In summation; before Win 8, I was convinced that the deepest holes of **** were reserved for the likes of Bill Gates. I must say I am changing my mind!