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Windows Vista not showing external drive

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once it is reinstalled in the original system
you need 2 tools
A> get a memory testing tool. eg. WMD (Windows Memory Diagnostic)
- bad RAM can cause an HDD and or the data written to it, to become corrupted
B> the Manufacturers HDD testing tool
- in this case you need Hitachi DFT (Drive Fitness Test)
DFT can be got from here:
h t t p : / / h g s t . c o m / s u p p o r t / i n d e x - f i l e s / s i m p l e t e c h - l e g a c y - d o w n l o a d s # D F T

DFT will tell you if the HDD is baked physically
eg. if there are bad sectors and there are no more spare sectors, etc.
but may not expose interface problems

the Disk is appearing in Disk Manager as
> not initialized
> unallocated

this indicates that the partition table and/or MBR is partially or completely destroyed
either by software error or there is a failure on the PCB which in turn caused the partition table to be corrupted
thus the data may not be recoverable by anyone other than a data recovery house with specialized tools for doing PCB swap, head swap, or Platter Analysis