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Windows Vista not showing external drive

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Your screenshots show the connected drive as "unallocated". This means the drive is unreadable by Windows. The machine knows everything about the drive, except that it has any data on it: to the PC, it appears as if it is a brand new blank disk. I have seen this screen a gazillion times in one of two situations: 1) toasted hard disk [or] 2) brand new unformatted disk.

Your data is probably still there, but the machine does not know how to find the files and re-assemble them. I repeat my original suggestion, download and run Disk Scavenger free demo - it will scan your disk and show you which files could be recovered. If it finds any, you will not be able to recover them until you pay for full version. It is a no-risk, no-cost way to determine whether you ant to spend the $49.

One last note: the longer you mess around with a corrupt disk , the more it becomes corrupted. Time is of the essence, the sooner you start getting files off, the more you will be able to recover.