Woo hoo, UPS fireworks.....

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Woo hoo, UPS fireworks.....

My 'almost new' (1995) UPS went very far south...

It went crackle-crackle, followed by shooting sparks/smoke out the little space where the dip switches are at the rear. No damage to connected load or anything else.....

Autopsy revealed that the inside was a charred smoky mess...it looks like some regulator next to the transformer went all-barbeque on me.

Note to self: buy a UPS with a METAL case, not a PLASTIC case.

Fry's had a great sale on a new one ($110 after rebate for a APC BackUPS XS 1500).
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I have 2 big ones:

Cyberpower 1500 (CPS1500AVR, I think)


APC XS 1300

Both are good, and I didn't see the extra money at Staples for the 1500 to be worth it (about $80?)

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My guess is that your battery failed and the charging regulator could no longer deal with the current draw of the dead battery.

Your equipment survived because the UPS was using line voltage and had no reason (or ability) to switch over to battery power.

I have an IBM (Tripp-Lite) of about the same vintage. My battery swelled and warped the case. That and the constant chirp of the charger circuit convinced me to change the battery.

Unfortunately, something else was damaged and the UPS does not switch over under a power loss. The manual test works fine though. I have not had time to diagnose it though.