Word 2003 attachments in Vista Windows Mail

By Also Ran ·

I don't seem to be able to launch word 2003 attachments from Windows Mail in Vista (Basic).
When I try I get a message that tells me to associate the application. Checked that and word documents are associated with .doc. Its driving me up the wall having to save the document first before reading it. What have I missed?

All the best.

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Remember that Vista Isolates both IE and Outlook

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Word 2003 attachments in ...

From the Windows Kernel so you need to associate the application with the Outlook program so that you can open directly from the Application and not need to save to the HDD and open from within Word in this case.

You need to associate Word with Outlook not just allow the .DOC format to be used.


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Does that apply to windows mail as well?

by Also Ran In reply to Remember that Vista Isola ...

Hi Hal

Interesting thought I'll have a look at that. Do you think this applies to Windows Mail as well? I'm still very new to Vista. In this case I don't want to use outlook.

All the best

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Does that apply to window ...

It most defiantly does as Vista has been a new design from the ground up to be secure to a point anyway.

Currently as much as possible is removed from the Vista Kernel as possible.


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Also having problems with this

by giulio In reply to Yes

Sorry I'm new to this. How exactly do I do this on Windows mail. I'm running Windows Vista premium


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Well I'm probably the last

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Also having problems with ...

Person to ask as I'm currently refusing to support Vista because of all the problems associated with it.

However M$ runs a Vista Users Community where they should be able to answer your questions or if there is no workaround can start to work in Code Improvements to cure built in problems.


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Finally solved it

by giulio In reply to Well I'm probably the las ...

Finally got it working. Had to take it back to where I purchased the machine. After 4 days it was discovered that Office 97 had corrupted the Windows Mail file. The only solution was to wipe the computer and start again. Trust Microsoft to make a operating system that is not compatible with older versions of it's software. Oh well Live and Learn


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